Black Print 25mm Tyvek Wristbands

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Black Print 25mm Tyvek Wristbands

Key Information

Minimum Order: 100
Lead Time: 1 day
Size: 25 x 250mm
Material: Tyvek with Black Print


Tyvek is a paper like material which cannot be torn, they’re water resistant and have a tamper proof adhesive seal that is great for security at events. They’re a great, cheap solution for admission for a range of events.

Black Print

These Tyvek are with black print only! They’re great for simple logos/designs, for our Full-colour Tyvek click: HERE.
The ink used on these wristbands cannon be scratched off or tampered with; they’re a great way to keep track of admission into your event.


Printing on Tyvek is a difficult procedure meaning these wristbands are hard to copy making you event more secure.

Artwork Print Templates

Download the 25 x 250mm Black Print Tyvek Wristband Template


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