Our Vinyl wristbands are made from a high-grade PVC material which is extremely strong and guaranteed not to tear. Vinyl wristbands are an excellent identification and ticketing solution for multi-day events. If you need a wristband that is longer lasting and durable enough for repeated use but still lightweight and comfortable for extended wear in wet or dry environments you probably need one of our vinyl wristbands. They are virtually impossible to transfer to a non-paying guest, inexpensive, versatile & water proof. A cost effective solution for any event. These wristbands are easy to apply to the wrist and once the wristband is secured the tamper evident closure prevents the wristband from being removed.
Available in L Shape and Wide Faced shapes. With 12 stock colours and 8 holographic colours to choose from we are sure you will find what you are looking for to help with your event admission.

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