Rainbow Fabric Wristbands

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Rainbow Fabric Wristbands

Key Information

Minimum Order: 5
Lead Time: 2 – 3 days
Size: 15 x 350mm
Material: Ribbon


These Rainbow Fabric Wristbands are a great simple way to give a souvenir or collectible element to your event. They’re made of Rainbow Ribbon, with a range of clips for every purpose.

Clip Styles

We can supply a variety of different clips depending on your needs. The adjustable clips allow the wearer to take the wristbands off to keep and remember your event. The festival clips will lock into place meaning once the wristbands are on they will need to be cut.


The Adjustable clips consist of: Toggle, Silver/White Bead, Metal Clip

The Festival clips consist of: Barrel lock, Metal Crimp (Metal Crimp needs a specialised tool to lock the clip into place)


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