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We can offer the fastest turnaround on custom printed fabric wristbands in the UK

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Wristbands Plus offer an extensive range of festival, event and charity wristbands.
Whatever your event needs are Wristbands Plus offer flexible solutions for all your wristband needs.
From plain stock wristbands to custom printed Tyvek, Vinyl, Fabric and Silicone wristbands we can help you get what you need for your event, festival, attraction or charity.
We now have Litter Free Tyvek wristbands available in a wide range of colours. Minimum order quantities apply.


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Our Custom Fabric Wristbands are becoming our most popular wristband and offer the highest security. Available as a woven or printed sublimation fabric wristband.


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Solid colour or Custom Printed Tyvek Wristbands are excellent for any event, patron identification and admission for 1 - 2 day events. Now also available as a Litter Free wristband.
Available in 19mm or 25mm widths.


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Plain or Custom Printed Vinyl Wristbands are excellent for any event, patron identification and admission for single or multi day events.

Need help choosing?

Then give us a call on 01260 273792 and speak to one of our team who will give you advice on the best type of wristband to suit your requirements. Or drop us an email to


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Silicone Wristbands are fun and fashionable. Ideal for charity fund-raising and raising awareness for your event. This simple wristband can be used to see who's in your group or who isn't.


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Custom Printed Lanyards are probably one of the most versatile promotional products your money can buy.


Image 03Festival or Laminate passes are suitable for any event. Attach them to our lanyards and use them to manage access.

Promotional Items

Promotional Products are objects that are branded with a company’s logo or message.
We have a wide range of promotional items to aid businesses & organisations effectively market their brand such as printed mugs, or printed umbrellas, or even printed balloons.
We have made the ordering of your promotional products simple. Whatever you need give us a call to see if we can help you with what you need.
Image 04Custom Printed Bags are a great fun way to advertise or simply give to someone as a gift.
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Our Umbrellas are a great way of promoting your brand. They even come in handy by keeping you dry in the rain.
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Promotional Mugs are great for home or office. Available in bulk quantities.
Image 04Custom Printed Balloons are a great fun way to advertise or simply give to someone as a gift.


Congratulations on Gemfest. They have been chosen to receive their wristbands free as part of our Give Something to Charity award.
We hope this event raises awareness for a brilliant cause, so come on give them some support.

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